January 26 - 28, 2018


Welcome to C2C 2018!
  • Combining 2 Cultures (C2C) is an annual conference for students pursuing or interested in interdisciplinary studies. The conference serves as an epicentre of growth for an internationally represented interdisciplinary community by allowing students of unique backgrounds to make connections with one another.

  • The theme for C2C 2018 is Knowledge Sharing.

  • The conference aims to help bridge the gap between disciplines, develop both field-specific and interactional expertise, and translate knowledge to the physical world. As the divides between disciplines are blurred, we are left with an environment where participants are given the opportunity to discuss research and grow academically and personally. Hailing from different academic institutions, delegates will be pushed to become well-versed in a spread of different disciplines and apply the knowledge gained from this conference to their lives.

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