2013 Conference Details

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C2C 2013’s Theme


Boundaries can both constrain and guide our lives; we are faced by physical and geographical boundaries, restricted by language barriers, even bound by our own assumptions.  However, by being interdisciplinary students we are crossing boundaries, both disciplinary boundaries in our studies and community boundaries in our social lives. This fact is at the heart of why we have chosen “boundaries” as the theme for C2C 2013, because we believe that we can apply our interdisciplinary learning to assess, shift, and transcend those boundaries we encounter. We can examine what boundaries are in the context of interdisciplinary studies, what their implications are for how we learn and work, and how they can become malleable through interdisciplinary thinking.  We can change where boundaries are currently set or even abolish them altogether!

Panel Speakers

Our first three panelists’ bios are posted, check them out!

Working Groups

Our working groups are posted here. Just looking for the titles of the groups? They’re listed below:

  • The Continental-Analytic Divide in Philosophy: Scientific and General Implications
  • Collaboration without Boundaries
  • Arts & Science & Jargon – Boundaries of Language
  • Boundaries – Limits or Opportunities?
  • Sustainability: An Interdisciplinary Community
  • The Problem of Interdisciplinary Education: A Design Lab
  • Why Does “Normal” Exist?
  • How Can we Overcome Interpersonal Barriers to Collaborate Better?
  • An Interdisciplinary, Gandhian Approach to Sustainable Agriculture Development in India
  • Turning the Tide
  • The Challenge of Bounded Perspectives in Complex Problem Solving