Combining Two Cultures 2015:

[R]evolution: Defining New Approaches

The Combining Two Cultures (C2C) Conference is an interdisciplinary conference established by McMaster University Arts & Science students in 2009 to improve interdisciplinary education through collaboration. The student-led conference has focused on the value of interdisciplinary education in academia and for the undergraduate student. The conference has brought together participants from Canada’s leading interdisciplinary programs to establish a network that lends support to the enduring value and significance of the interdisciplinary education.

This year the conference is being hosted by the Bachelor of Arts and Science Integrative Council at McGill University. As students rooted in an interdisciplinary and ever-changing world, it is in our ability to create innovative solutions to complex problems.  Each of our programs encourages forward and collaborative thinking, and it is our hope that C2C 2015 fosters discussion between students to inspire creative ideas that involve a variety of disciplines.