Working Groups

Consisting of three facilitated sessions, Working Groups focus on understanding a problem or theme, engaging with it through participatory-focused activities and discussions, and collaboratively developing possible solutions or conclusions.
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Roundtables consist of two sessions: the Info Blitz on Saturday, and the Breakout Discussions on Sunday.

The Info Blitz is a set fast and fun presentations about delegates' academic interests. Breakout Discussions are a collaborative investigation of the problem of interest through brainstorming and rapid prototyping.

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Skill Sessions

We'll take a break from academia with Skill Sessions, an opportunity to learn new skills, like ballroom dancing, juggling, and much more!
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Expert Panel

Formative figures in interdisciplinary education will join us for a discussion on the impact of a broad-based undergraduate degree. The panel will be moderated by an alumnus of the Knowledge Integration program at the University of Waterloo.

Speed Friending

Speed Friending is a fast-paced event where you'll build connections with other C2C attendees and develop the art of conversation and Knowledge Sharing!

Design Challenge

Our design sprints will introduce you to design thinking: how to grapple with complex problems, generate ideas, embrace ambiguity, and implement concrete solutions!

Reflection & Networking

At the Reflection Session, participants will share their experiences in working groups and other conference sessions, and enjoy a social break before dinner.