K La Luna (Kaitlyn Rathwell)

12333121_10154401963013012_1935431513_oK La Luna (Kaitlyn Rathwell) is an environmental change scientist and a practicing performance artist. La Luna combines her love of and expression through the arts with her scientific background, creating art + science alchemy. Scientifically, Rathwell studies the role of art and artistic processes for helping society connect to the environment (e.g. water, sea ice) and to navigate change and uncertainty (e.g. climate change). She has three degrees in environmental change science (McGill University (BA(Hons.)), Stockholm University (MSc), Waterloo University PhD (Can.)). Rathwell has published several scientific articles, popular science articles and two book chapters on these subjects. At the same time, Rathwell engages with science and society in ways that connect directly with values, belief and emotion via music. Artistically, K La Luna uses intuition, emotion and practice to wrestle her scientific and lived experience into melody. She performs with a piano, Ableton touch, a keytar and tap shoes. She is classically trained in piano, music theory, and tap dance (body percussion). Composing her first piano song at age 11, she confused art and science, submitting musical compositions for class assignments. Continued integration drove her to spend her winnings from the prestigious Provost Entrance Scholarship for Woman (PhD) on music equipment. She started performing live as K La Luna in 2012.


Theo Clarke

UntitledTheo Clarke is an Adjunct Professor of Physics at Pasadena City College and
a consultant on NASA’s Juno mission to the planet Jupiter.  He holds a BA in English Literature and an MS in Physics. In his 27 year career at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Clarke worked as a scientist and engineer on the Mariner 10 mission to Venus and Mercury, the Voyager mission to the outer planets, and the Galileo mission to Jupiter. His presentation “Juno and the New Renaissance” will unveil the Juno mission to Jupiter, the Earth encounter that slung it to Jupiter, and the unifying nature of its mission.



Larry Smith

Smith V2

Larry Smith is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo. He combines
his interests in innovation, entrepreneurship, and markets in his work in the field of economics. His Tedx talk has been viewed more than 4 million times and his career book, No Fears, No Excuses, will be published in Spring 2016. Having specialized knowledge and experience in forecasting and the economics of innovation, Larry Smith will add an exciting dimension to the conference with his perspective on exploring the past, present, and especially the future.



Maria Liston

Dr. Maria Liston is the chair of the Anthropology department at the University of Waterloo. She is a skeletal biologist and archaeologist. Her research has brought her to several ancient sites in Greece, including the Athenian Agora and Kavousi, Crete. She has also directed the analysis of the remains of British and colonial soldiers at Fort William Henry in New York. Her extensive experience exploring the past makes her a very exciting addition to our panel of speakers!





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